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scian im / spreader

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Hand-carved spreaders from various native species.
Due to the hand-made nature of these items and the pieces of wood available to me, no two of them are identical, but they mostly follow a design and size that I think works well.

Allergy note:
These are finished with raw Tung Oil. I use it because it is a natural food-safe finish that looks and feels nice. The oil is made from "nuts" from a Tung tree, but these are not true tree nuts. They are the seeds of the fruit, like the stone in a cherry.
I know of no cases of cured tung oil triggering an allergic reaction, however, if you have a strong nut allergy, you might want to avoid using one of these, just to be completely safe.

Caring for your spreader:
Pretty simple, just don't use any soap. Soap strips oils.
Just wipe it clean with a paper towel after use, or a wet sponge or whatever you have, but don't let it stay wet for long.
Eventually, the oil will wear off along the edge, and you can just wipe on a fresh coat of any *food-safe* oil that you have access to. Things like mineral oil, coconut oil, 'worktop oil' and others are readily-available in small quantities.
I made a version of this knife and used it for a year before selling them. I've re-oiled it once after near daily use but different species will wear differently.

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